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12 lb Weighted Blankets ~ 6 ft x 4 ft.

  • 12 lb Weighted Blankets ~ 6 ft x 4 ft.
12 lb Weighted Blankets ~ 6 ft x 4 ft.
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This weighted blanket, made from 100% cotton & filled with non toxic poly pellets, can be used for children or adults with a range of diagnosis's, including ASD, SPD, ADHD, ADD, insomnia & anxiety.

Deep pressure input increases certain endorphins that help calm the nervous system & increases deep pressure input to the body, allowing you to relax, calm & ground the individual.. It can also help in managing sensory meltdowns & repetitive behaviours... The blanket can also be used as a lap pad, if needs be.

The blanket should never be used as a restraint and should be removed once the child / adult has settled.

This 12 lb blanket is recommended for an individual that weighs between 80 lb to 120 lb & is 4 ft x 6 ft.

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